Business Details

Pi Pay Co., Ltd. has been incorporated on December 17, 2015 with registrar number Co. 4448KH/2015.


Business Strategy

Pi Pay is a company with predominant focus on alternative payments, targeting Cambodia on its first deployment. It has a different business model compared to most of its partners and/or competitors. It aims to enter the market with market acquisition strategy rather than an initial conservative (slow) penetration with a strong consumer experience focus and affordable pricing, highest security and geared with innovation focused technology & systems.


Electronic Payments Lifestyle Application

The business model can be simply described as an aggregation, combining e-wallets, mobile money, online payment, payment gateways, retail POS, kiosks and more; all brought to end consumers in an easy-to-access, easy-to-use and affordable way.



Partners & Investors



One of the oldest and the largest conglomerates in Cambodia.

Pi Pay is proud to have a strong group supporting us. With ANCO Brothers Group behind us, we aim high.


Anco Brothers Co., Ltd.

A trading company: distributor of 555 cigarettes (BAT UK), Mild Seven (JTI), Evian mineral water, Budweiser beer. Operational since 1993.

Anco Electrical

Power generation and transmission lines along Thai and Vietnam borders (operational in 1999). Own power stations to supply electricity to Phnom Penh via supply contract with EDC (operational in 2004).

Anco Water Supply

Water treatment plant and provide clean water in Kandal, Poipet and Sihanoukville (operational in 2010).

Anco Specialized Bank

Specialized bank licensed by the NBC to provide small and medium loans to individuals and SMEs. Established in 2006.

Mittapheap Petta (MPL)

Import and distribute petrol in Cambodia, operate own chain petrol stations.

SI Internet

One of the largest wholesaler of internet bandwidth in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh Crown Football Club

One of the clubs in Cambodia’s premier league with its own state-of-the-art stadium.