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Pi Pay for Partners.

We believe in building partnerships that help spark Cambodia’s growing digital economy. From single merchants to franchise channels to major financial partners, we recognize that we are only as strong as our network and we will only succeed by bringing value to them.

As a Pi Pay Merchant you can:

• Reduce the risks of managing cash, eliminate fraud and counterfeit issues.

• Collect immediate revenue through instantaneous transfers.

• Connect to new and existing customers using PiPay’s promotional channels.

• Monitor your business performance in real-time, helping you adapt to changing consumer tastes and trends immediately.

• Improve customer satisfaction to ensure repeat purchases.

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Channel Partners

Channel Partners

Enjoy more benefits by becoming a channel partner.

Pi Pay Channel Partners have the capability to expand their services through a greater scope of payment options, loyalty incentives, promotions and a larger customer base.

Other benefits include:

• Connecting to your customers faster through our in-app advertising to send messages, announcements and special promotions.

• Maintaining customer loyalty through in-app loyalty programs, integrated with your business.

• Expanding your revenue stream from user fees for cash in/out and account upgrades.

In our third year, we estimate Pi Pay will have over 500,000 users, with more than fifty one million financial transactions. Imagine what this means for your business...

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Drive Pi Pay users to become your consumers through joint promotions and in-app advertisements.

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Reduce costs and risks of managing cash with lesser cash handling and transit.

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Real-time Reports and Analytics Overall Control on Data Analysis.


Financial Partners

Financial Partners

Banks can be part of Pi Pay’s technology.

Pi Pay offers a range of value-added services and innovative solutions which covers the full payment processing value chain. Financial clients will benefit from regulatory systems, optimized processes with a strong focus on data security and management.

Pi Pay customers will benefit from reduced transaction times and costs, resulting in significantly reduced queue times whilst increasing the number of transactions.

Our services allow payers and payees to make and receive payments seamlessly, securely and efficiently.

Payment services for payers include:

• Back office payment processing.

• MPOS, POS card payments.

• Transfer & processing services.

• Payment gateways.

• eWallet & other online payment platforms.

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How it works

How it works

Setup is Simple

Follow these steps to become a Pi Pay merchant and start enjoy enjoying the benefits. We're here to help your business grow.

Sign up

We make things easy for you. Just fill out our Merchant Assessment Form.

Meet Up

Our team will go to you to get your needs taken care of.

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Set up

We will take care of the rest.


Want to know more?

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